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Questionnaires with ether

You may have already noticed that there are questionnaires marked "OFFLINE" or "Live". Such questionnaires receive many times more attention and calls. The owner of each questionnaire can start online video broadcasting. During the video broadcast, the user sees you, can write to you in the chat and send tips. Users who are already tired of fake profiles (which are the majority in the network) see you, evaluate and decide whether to meet with you or not. The user no longer buys a pig in a poke, but clearly knows what you look like, the manner of communication, etc., and you additionally receive income from chat and meetings. It may not be suitable for everyone, because not everyone has the opportunity to broadcast in sex chat, but it will definitely lead a large flow of customers to you.

How to connect

If you mix a questionnaire with us, you just need to enable it in the settings of the questionnaire in the "broadcast" button. In this case, you will enable the functionality of the questionnaire. To start broadcasting, go to your profile and click the "start broadcasting" button. the broadcast data will appear, enter this data in the OBS or mobile app, and click start.



  1. processor at least intel i3 or AMD FX4300
  2. 4GB+ RAM
  3. Web-camera
  4. Internet speed the higher the better, via cable (preferably not WiFi)
  5. The program OBS Studio Download

With mobile

  1. "rtmp camera" app or similar
  2. The Internet
  3. Camera phone


With your broadcasts, namely payments in the chat 70% of YOUR. The Commission is charged automatically when the user gives you a tip. Accruals occur in the internal currency of our site (Bunnies ). To withdraw the accumulated amount, you need to fill out a special form in the "messages"section. Write: the withdrawal amount, currency, and details for the transfer.

Free sex chat

Online users:
user_393 03:07, 28:07:2021

Лиза, привет

user_393 03:08, 28:07:2021

user_88, привет

user_289 07:50, 28:07:2021

Привет!Девчата будем знакомы

Мария 16:40, 28:07:2021

Привет мне 23 89023318353

user_246 22:01, 28:07:2021


user_348 23:35, 28:07:2021

Мария, привет что делаешь

user_348 23:38, 28:07:2021

Есть Девченки которым скучно
Пишите 89065296537

user_247 00:17 Yesterday

Девчата есть живые?

user_94 00:23 Today

Всем привет. Есть кто свободен?

user_94 00:33 Today

И тишина. Дувушки ау

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